April 29, 2004

Jenny began showing voluntary neck movement to her right today, which has relieved the pressure on her right ear some. Therapies have focused on strengthening the neck. In just under 2 days, she has also gained more tone in her neck and she is able to sit upright in a bed with litle or no support, when she needed constant support as recent as last week. I took her outside at lunch time and Jenny just relaxed peacefully in the sun and breeze. Since Jenny is aware of her condition at all times, she sees less progress than someone like myself or less frequent visitors. There are wonderful things returning each and every day which add up to bigger improvements as time goes by.


  1. Wow! Jenny, we SO EXCITED to hear of your progress! Just think of how you are defying all the original odds. Isn’t it is tough learning patience like this!!! We all want things to improve faster for you, too. But when I get on line every day and see your progress I am moved to tears because you are doing so well! There are lots of questions I am filing away to get answers to in the next life. I’ll bet you have a list of your own, too, don’t you? One of my favorites has always been ‘why?’ I want you guys to know that you are a real inspiration for me. Tomorrow I go in for some complicated surgery to put my right shoulder back together. I fell flat on my face 10 days ago, broke my nose, put a road rash up my whole face and broke my arm at the shoulder joint in several pieces. As I was laying face down in a growing pool of blood from my broken nose on the sidewalk waiting for someone to discover me, my first thought was ‘why’ but it was quickly followed by repeating over and over to myself, “If Jenny can get through what she is going through, I can get through this.” That has become my mantra for the hours since and will be for the next days to come. I wanted you to know that has really, really helped me. Your courage reaches farther than you’ll ever know. Thanks for hanging in there and continuing to try. And, thanks,Mark, for writing. I have NEEDED your progress reports on Jenny. We love you guys and continue to keep you in our prayers. Aunt Lois Ann

  2. Jenny,
    You go girl! Mark, thanks for the wonderful updates–you are fantastic to share your trials and triumphs with us. I wanted you to know that I added your family’s name to the prayer roll at the LA temple again on Saturday. I will continue to do so until you are healed!

    Much love,

    mindy in ca

  3. Hi Jenny and Mark;

    God’s miracles never cease. What fantastic news to hear that you are doing better and better everyday. The kids, Anthony and I are praying for you guys every night. I did not tell Simeon or Erin about your condition because I want Zach to be able to come over without having any questions. But now, now I think I am compelled to share with them the miracle of God! They will be so excited for you and Zachary. I have some pictures and would love to come to the hospital for a visit real soon. Mark, let me know when a good time is for visitors.
    Keep on keeping on! Go Jesus, Go Jenny.

    Much love,

    Gloria Enoch

  4. Mark, you hit it right on the head when you talk of Jenny’s progress and how it is viewed from her perspective instead of ours. I see the positives and she is understandably frustated. She probably has too many of her dad’s impatient genes. I know your love and support mean a lot in her improvement and I am so thankful you are her husband.


  5. JENNY!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for your strides. I know that you are very supported with family and friends. But I want you to know that here, in Chicago, your extended family is here supporting you and your family here in Chicago. Mikey is doing good, he and my brother are best friends, so I watch over him. But I just want you know that I pray for youa nd your family everyday and your progess is a true blessing and a tribute to the stregth that you and Mark have
    God Bless You both. And you all should be proound of your selves. Give Carolyn a kiss for me and tell her I love her
    Mark….don’t forget to sleep….you are doing so well and I hop that you contine with all of your new endevores,,,,,,,,,,,
    In Faith and Love
    Janet (Caster) Childers

  6. Hi Jenny and Mark,

    I was so excited to hear of all the progress you have made with the strengthening of your neck Jenny. I am so glad you got to go outside. I am sure that was wonderful for you. You are both so amazing. Mark I know you are right about how Jenny views things, not progessing as fast as she wants. She is so strong and is making remarkable strides. Time, patience, and endurance will show her how great God is. Jenny I wish I could take your place for a day so you could look at all the progess you have made. You are amazing. Keep up all the hard work and we will keep up our prayers too. I still don’t know what color high tops you have! We all love you

    Teri and Family

  7. It is great to hear of the remarkable progress that Jenny is making!!! I know that part of that success is the result of MANY prayers on her behalf. Additionally, Jenny, herself has the super will to regain her life.
    I also commend Mark on HIS attitude and devotion. What a fine man!!! There is a lot on his plate and he is taking it “one bite at a time”. Keep up the spirit – both yours and Jenny’s.

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