April 28, 2004

Jenny seems to be more at ease and getting her needs taken care of at her new hospital. Rehab has been tiring for her, but I prefer the more aggressive approach. Her head does not pull as much to the left today. I had spent the past three nights with her, so I have had just as little sleep as she gets. Yesterday, while holding her head (near the temple/top of her left side) to keep her sore ear off the pillow, I fell asleep and woke to find myself smooshing her face. I jumped and Jenny had the biggest laugh. I’m sure it was uncomfortable or at least annoying, but after a while (how long I do not know) she appeared to find the humor in it.

Jenny is here next to me and she wanted me to send her love to you all. Jenny has been in real clothes the past two days and looks so very good. She gets upset when they put her back into gowns. She wants to take a bath/shower so very bad, but they want her to get better neck and back control. I think she will work that issue until she gets her way.

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