First full day in Indy

The nurses had Jenny in a sitting position today and they felt she did well. Jenny’s sister does not feel Jenny thought it was as successful. Jenny appeared a little down today, but was able to spend more time with her sister and kids which brightened the mood. I spent a few hours doing errands for Jenny and getting dental work done on Jessie. Jenny is so organized that I just have to show up and things take care of themselves. Jessie is probably wishing Jenny is not as organized. Jenny seems to move her left big toe with some effort. The doctors say they will bring in special infra-red goggles that read her blinks so she can communicate better. She was resistive to any other efforts to communicate that with her real voice when the idea was brought up in Cleveland, but may be more willing since we often miss obvious signs of distress. I’m sure there is one heck of an itch on her nose that needs scratching, and we are still srtuggling with blink spelling. We read the cards and notes from friends and family to her. She truley appreciates the love being shown to her. She cries too much to show her them all at one time, but she feels your love.


  1. Mark and Jenny and kids,

    Our family is so thrilled at the news that Jenny is home and making progress! We love you all so much. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers. Like Nadine, I don’t think there has been a day (or even a part of a day) that hasn’t gone by that I don’t think of or pray for Jenny. I have loved the times we have been able to talk in Enrichment meetings. I’ve always hoped for a calling in which I could work with her because I’ve admired her “from afar” for so long. Her laugh is infectious. Please let her know we are all behind your family and will do anything you need.

    Love, Diana

  2. Dear Jenny and Family,

    I am so happy to hear Jenny is improving. Tell Jenny that her friends in Arlington Heights are thinking of her. We are praying for her everyday.

    God Bless,
    Jonna (Daleiden) Eimer and Family

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