Jenny is home (back in Indy)

Jenny is now at St Elizabeth Ann Seton in Carmel. She flew well and had no problems in transport. I think that just being near the kids will speed her healing. She cried hard when she first saw the kids and they all missed her so much. Sophia kept kissing her and would hug me so tight. Jenny is limiting visitors at first, but will see more people as she catches up with family for now and gets a little stronger.

One comment

  1. Hooray!! So glad that Jenny is home in Indy! Please let her know we are sooo glad she is back close to us and her home and children. I agree being here will surely help her along her road to recovery. We will continue to pray for you all as a family and for Jenny’s recovery – I know you will let us know of special prayer needs if they come up.

    Tell Jenny I send her an e-mail hug!

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