I think this is our moving day

From what they tell us, we will be in Indy this afternoon- but we will wait and see. I realized that I have had the advantage of being one of the few people who have been with Jenny all these weeks (it has almost been 3 weeks). We obviously had our initial grief and the expected dealing with the general unknown. However, I have aquired a real peace about our future and our family doing well with our new challenge. I know Jenny will progress much more than doctors let on. Our faith is going to play a huge part in that. Unfortunately, most of our friends and some family have not seen Jenny since before the stroke. I realize until they see Jenny and realize she is doing better each day, that it is difficult.

We have actually had a bunch of times where Jenny is laughing (a quiet laugh with a huge smile) at stories, jokes, and the situations that come up. Yesterday, she coughed and ended up clamping down on her bottom lip with her teeth. I saw the pain in her face and helped free the lip. Once it was done, she just laughed on how silly the situation was. She cries too. It is hard for her to talk about her hobbies, primary calling, or other lifestyle changes without choking up. She is getting better as she gets use to things. When a movement occurs that is voluntary, we celebrate, and you can see it in Jenny’s eyes that she did it on her own. She is proud and excited as well. I have found myself talking to family or friends who just found out about Jenny who obviously try to say the right things about the initial stroke. I feel torn with being somber when discussing Jenny with others for the 1st time, but yet excited about the progress that just occured. I would imagine that when others are able to visit, Jenny will get emotional (mostly because visitors are crying as they see her for the first time), but the mood is usually returned to laughing and celebrating. We are so blessed with what we have been given, despite the hardships we know we will face.


  1. Hi. I’m Joan’s mom’s best friend and have been keeping up with Jenny’s condition. I called a radio station that takes prayer requests, and emailed friends all over to ask for their prayers as well. Your website is a wonderful idea, and it is SO encouraging to know that there is progress. Where there is a little, there will be a little more, and a little more, and it will be like drips into a bucket. It takes a while, but the bucket does fill up.

  2. Mark, Jenny, and family,

    I, too, was touched when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang “My Heavenly Father Loves Me”. The words to that song have stayed in my mind as I hear of the wonderful progress Jenny has made. I am so grateful that she can do the things she can. The Center for Entrepreneurship at BYU as well as my Relief Society sisters are praying for your dear family. Your family means so much to me. God bless you.

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