April 7, 2004

Jenny tried out a speaking valve for her trachea today. The speach therapist was talking to her about electronic communciation and I knew what Jenny was thinking. The therapist agreed to humor us by letting Jenny try the valve. Jenny was happy to just have air return to her mouth, but I knew she hoped that she would be able to speak. She surprised the speach therapist with some ability to move her mouth and even swallow when given small pieces of ice. The ice alone was a treat. Because of this, more therapy will be applied to working on vocal speech recovery. She was worn out with the little physical therapy and sitting up that she was allowed to do.

I brought the stuff to the hospital that Jenny purchased months ago for Easter baskets. Actually, I brought stuff for Easter, Christmas, and birthdays for the next year. I needed to have Jenny tell me what was for who, and when. We sorted things out with only slight problems. Her blinks were not making sense, and after telling her that her blinks were incorrect, I found out I overlooked something and she was right the whole time. I bet she is thinking, “just trust me”, or “someone please notice that I am laying on a large plastic connection valve”. The nurse realized the valve thing, and we eventually figure out what Jenny is trying to communicate to us. Blinking words can be very difficult and it wears her out. She tries less and less to spell each day and is very concise and to the point about important things.


  1. Way to go Jenny. You would not believe how many people call and ask how you are doing and are saying a prayer for you. This website is a dream because I can refer them to it and Mark is a wonder at keeping this journal on your progress. I hope you know you are in my thoughts constantly and in my prayers several times each day.


  2. Dear Mark and Jenny!!! I appreciate this site so much. I check it every day as our family is very eager for news of Jenny’s progress.
    I want you both to know that you are constantly in our prayers.
    I know that if there is anyone that can lick this obstacle… it is definitely you, Jenny! You go girl!!!
    All our love and prayers, The Fowler’s

    ps. Mark, would you please post Jenny’s address. Thanks!

  3. Mark and Jenny,
    You are truly an inspiration to us all. I was not surprised to hear that Jenny had already planned Easter, Christmas and birthdays! You’re amazing!

    We pray for you each day and think about you constantly. We appreciate the opportunity to hear about your progress and are constantly reminded of our Savior’s Plan for all of us!

    Please let us know when we can begin to help you in any way at all! We’re praying for you!

    Love, Andrew, Vanessa, Grant, Faith & Clark Croshaw

  4. Jenny, Mark and the rest of the Yachtx Family!
    I love you all and think of you all everyday. We pray everyday and lift you up to the Lord. May he be with you every step of the way.
    May you be blessed with may more steps (though they may seem small). tay strong and thank you for sharing such a personal time with all of us
    God Bless
    Robert and Janet Childers

  5. jenny and mark, our prayers and thoughts are with you. We admire your faith and strength. We hope and pray that Jenny will be able to talk soon. I know she has the determination to do it and I believe in miracles and I pray for one every day. Love, The Jacksons

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