Time for an update…

I haven’t posted in a while, though I meant to last June (found this post):

Today (6/18),I  was using my grabber to pick up trash that didn’t quite make the trash can, & when the trash can lid opened, the trash was flung to the other side, & onto the floor. Instead of sighing, or giving up, I laughed about it.  My niece (who has been staying with us) saw the whole thing & commented about how “u know it’s a good day when u can laugh at stuff like that!”  & ya’ know what?  She’s right!  There are days I can’t even gather the strength to go get my grabber, let alone take 3 tries to throw away TRASH, & remain in a good mood!

Anyway, been a busy summer: my son got engaged (I get another daughter, Maddie,  on Oct. 19th!, & we all love her so much—she just “fits”), we finished building a home in Utah with my in-laws (WE ARE NOT MOVING!  My in-laws & my son live there for now, until Maddie joins the family & they will live in a “basement apartment”…but upstairs, there is a room for me in the house, so we can visit longer), & took (what my niece called) a vacation in a vacation: flew to London (I swear it is the most accessible place in the world!), then flew to Spain, where we boarded a cruise ship for a Mediterranean cruise, visiting another port in Spain, France, & Italy.  Then we flew to Denmark.  After visiting all those awesome places, is it wrong that the highlight of my trip was seeing people (who weren’t disabled, & probably just wanted to be alone to poop!) thrown out of the disability restrooms?!? I love Europe!

In our church, the members take turns speaking, & last Sunday I gave a talk in church: https://app.box.com/s/tu1mw6ktoulqwbnhhnk3v4nf9e0k01oy

I intended to introduce myself & my daughter vocally—I could do it at home, & I got up to the pulpit & raised my chair to standing, but I was too anxious, & ended up signing the intro & my testimony—though I did end it vocally…(thanks to the fact that I pray with my family vocally, & talks are ended the same way as prayers,  so apparently repetition helps me, too, not just when u teach kids!)

I started horse therapy again this week!  I am so happy!  Horse therapy heals me emotionally & physically, which is awesome!  Attending horse therapy is 1 of the bright spots in my week (the others are seeing/hearing from my missionary, Jessie, on Mondays, & attending church Sundays)  One of the things I miss the most is that pain u feel that tells u that u are getting stronger.  But that is why I love horse therapy so much—cuz sometimes I can feel it working!  (& Growing can hurt, so u might as well enjoy it!)  This (I think) is my 6th year. I used to be wiped out all day after a session…but my endurance is getting better, so while I could feel my muscles “waking up” (so awesome!), I wasn’t wiped out this year.  Yea, me!


  1. Congratulations on your new daughter-in-law! I would love to get more details on how you were able to travel so much and find things accessible. I use a rollator, and when my husband retires next year, we would like to travel, but accessibility is such an issue. If you get the chance, write more about how you travel. Hugs!

    1. feel free to email me, but I will probably just forward u to my husband, as he sets things up! But what I do know, most u will not need to do:
      1. to fly, I have to go 1st class (oh darn!), so I can lay down (to control the need to potty!) & so I am close to the bathroom when I do need to go).
      2. CRUISES. They make traveling much easier! Get an accessible room if u can’t ever be w/o your walker, so there are no “ledges”, & just flat surfaces…& u have room to move!
      3. We book excursions through a company that is used to helping people w/disabilities. I am drawing a blank on the company’s name…Think Sage? I will check & reply again…
      4. We request (though don’t always get) an accessible hotel room, & book sap!
      5. I have a travel wheelchair that is light, & folds, so we can use Taxis
      6. A big, strong man who can carry me everywhere makes things easier!

  2. Jenny, I loved seeing your (online) photos of Italy. I also returned from visiting Italy in July and noticed that we were both at the Roman Forum in Rome…just on different days. 🙂 Those ruins were amazing. It also looked like you might have been at the Piazza della Republica in Florence, but I’m not sure about that one photo.
    Congratulations on welcoming Maddie into your family circle. We have loved having our daughter-in-law in our family.
    I love reading your posts. They are funny, informative, insightful and sincere. Thanks!

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