September 14, 2005

IMG_1209This summer, I never had the opportunity to post about 2 miraculous events that occurred, & reminded me how the Lord is aware of me, & looking out for me:

  1. I fell out of my chair, & didn’t get even 1 scatch! I have fallen again since then, & both times, I have been totally fine, & the people who help me, have been blessed with strength & wisdom.
  2. I hurt my tailbone. I’ve bruised my tailbone twice before, & it hurt MUCH less (the 1st day I was bawling, cuz the pain was so intense), so I thought it was broken–which freaked me out, cuz a bruised tailbone took a minimum of 6 weeks to heal, & I was flying to Utah like 6 days after I hurt my tailbone. But by some miracle, I was like 80% better by then! (Mark was inspired previously to get me a cheap foam cushion, & then he was inspired to cut a hole in the back so I could sit on a U-shaped wheelchair cushion…& we “just happened” to have pain meds around when I needed them!)

Then, not too long ago, my husband briefly turned off a water line in our fridge, which was an inconvenience for everyone, but I also lost my independence in getting my own water…I always seem to forget how HUGE it is when I can do things on my own, & I’m so grateful for all the modern conveniences that make it possible for me to be more independent!

Speaking of gratitude, i started horse therapy again!  I’m very grateful for that!  I love it! & I’m grateful that my tailbone isn’t even slightly an issue!

Our church has this Proclamation of the Family ( that says that women/mothers are nurturers.  I’ve seen the truth behind that statement, as I watch my daughters care for our dog, Cooper. My girls just seem to have the quality in them, naturally!  it amazes me how much of an instinct they have when they are helping to take care of Cooper.

Cooper is growing up fast! He’s definitely bigger since we met.   He’s a hyper dog, but a smart dog too, & he knows he has to slow down for me.  He goes crazy & tries to bite my hand (in order to stay awake), if I stay in one spot…but he totally loves it if I give him wheelchair rides!  When he is demanding attention, but is spaz & bites when he gets attention, I can take him for a wheelchair rides (on both floors & on the elevator), & it calms him down!  If I stop going the “correct” direction, he lathers me w/kisses, cuz he knows I will stop!  So cool!


  1. You are amazing, I am. A Psychiatric R.N. For over 35 years and have never seen such progress.GOD bless you, your story has lifted me and I thank you

  2. Just saw the video that the church made about you and Mark that they showed between the Saturday sessions of General Conference. WOW! I loved it! Wish they had time to show all you can do now, and how much you have accomplished and improved over the years. Touching video, nice to see you and your children together.
    Kathy Root, South Jordan, Utah (formally of Illinois)

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