1. Jenny, I’m the producer (Albert) who came with Kathy Aiken to your home a few years back. I just want you to know how inspiring your family was at that time and how much your story influenced my life for the better. I am so happy this video FINALLY made it up, so your beautiful story can be shared with more people. It will truly change lives.

    1. Thxs Albert! I think because I live it everyday, I can take things for granted. I know I took my body for granted! It’s nice to have videos like this, where I can see things through another’s eyes, & be reminded of just how good I have it still!

  2. Hi jenny I just happen to see come across your video on youtube now im hooked it /your page I wish you and your Family all the best in life ,your just Fab and so is your family loved the bit when your shouting thru the monitor thing I could the kids encouraging you by saying “mum ive broke your computer I’m not listening to you ” bless them

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