20 Years Ago Today

In the summer of 2004, Mk tried sitting me on the mat (for the 1st time since my stroke) to balance (u can see it on youtube, in “Jenny’s Story”).  When I was sitting on the mat, they gingerly let go of me, not sure if I could balance.  These days, when I’m put on the mat, I have Angie’s son, who will  push me,  crawl all over me, & try everything to knock me over, but I’ve built up my core muscles so much in horse therapy, that I remain firm!  It’s amazing!


On Dec. 29th,  20 years ago today I married a wonderful man, who had built a firm testimony in Christ, & was able to stay firm through so much-it’s amazing he is still by my side!  I would not be where I am today w/o his constant love & support!

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