New Trick!

It’s been a rough week, & I needed to know God was still there…not that I thought he left, but like any child who needs a hug from their dad…I got what I needed:

for 10 years, i’ve been like a ragdoll, & i finally have a new trick: while seated (w/only back support), i pull myself forward 45 degrees, held it for a bit, then let go of the grab bar, & briefly balanced myself! Sometimes I can lean forward more, or sit back up, with no hands! I believe horseback riding has contributed a lot to strengthening my core!

Then today I found this on my brainstem stroke group on facebook, from Carol Dawson:
“My beautiful daughter Rachel has locked in since last May but is fighting her way out! I told her the first week that she has lots of people that love her, the medics are doing all they can to help, BUT that YOU are the only one in there with your body and can tell year body to heal itself, I know how strong and determined you are, so I want you to GET BOSSY with your body and keep telling it to repair pathways or build new ones! She raised her eyes to say “Yes” and has been amazing everyone ever since with her progress :)”

Everything I have comes from God, & I’m so thankful! I have been so blessed w/so much love from family & friends too, & am so grateful for that! I am also grateful to be able to have the means to afford the therapy I need!

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  1. You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. I love that, getting bossy, as it suggests the attitude of authority. The victom losses hope and you my friend never give up. As the quote by Radmacher says, your quite voice only knows perseverance!!

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