National Stroke Association and NBC have partnered in the fight against stroke and are excited to announce an upcoming television special: Brain Attack: A Stroke Survival Guide.

This one-hour show will educate the public about stroke risk, stroke symptom recognition (F.A.S.T.) and recent breakthroughs in rehabilitation. The show will feature real-life stories from stroke survivors, including celebrities, as well as encourage viewer participation with an interactive Stroke Smart quiz.

Brain Attack: A Stroke Survival Guide will air on NBC network stations around the country starting April 14th (see current schedule below). This show is an incredible opportunity to reach a large amount of people right before the kickoff of National Stroke Awareness Month in May. We hope the nation will join us in celebrating survivors and embracing the education and awareness of stroke.

Follow this link to learn more about it and to see when the special is airing in your area.

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