Aug 23, 2005

Today has been an exciting day! Already, Jenny has began to be more vocal in the past week or so. Instead of using her call buzzer, she tends to just say my name (which comes out as “Marrr”). She does the same for Zach and even told me “I don’t know” last week in a voice that I clearly understood. As for today, Jenny was standing on her tilt table and had forgot to take her hand out from under the left strap. It does not hurt her, but it bothers her. As I was talking to her, she lifted her hand out (about 6 inches up and out). Jenny was more surprised, but she said that she wanted it out and it just lifted out. I was not sure what to think of it, but as I was doing her exercises on her left side, her left leg was making very strong and distinct voluntary movements. Her leg has had some movement, but it was very impressive none then less. However, the true excitement occurred as Jenny was doing her exercises on her left arm (where there has been absolutely NO movement since her stroke) and she was consistantly able to volunarily move her arm at the shoulder and the elbow! These were not little, but huge movements. We truley have been blessed by God and we are so grateful and excited.


  1. This is such exciting news. Jenny, this just gives Mark more drive to really work you over in therapy. I am so excited for you guys! What a great month with awesome memories and blessings. Kage and I are sitting here thinking and singing the hymn, “Carry On.”
    So from the Utah desert comes singing….
    “But a blessing ever lasting of love and joy and health…
    Carry on, carry on carry on:)”

    Love Ya,

    Green MnM’s

  2. What a blessing…I am so excited for this wonderful news I can hardle move my fingers fast enough to type….What a gift. Keep up the GREAT work
    In Love and Faith

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