July 12, 2005

Zach had his 8th birthday today. Jenny began the day by signing “Happy Birthday” to him. She told me that last year she could only blink “happy birthday”. This year she signed it. Next year, she tells me she will tell him with her voice. I believe she will. Our therapies are going poorly. Getting into a routine is difficult. I do more with taking care of the kids, so I have less time. Jenny was hoping to do aqua therapy in her parents pool, but I do not see it being completed anytime soon. I think she has been holding out for this pool, so she refuses to use others. Rather than seeing increases in certain areas, I see weakening. A couple other areas are still becoming stronger- mostly her right arm.

On a different note, Jessie has adopted “y’all” as part of her vocabulary. It naturally comes out of her mouth now. She also prefers her boots over sandles or shoes.

One comment

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 How exciting to have mom sign the words to a special song. I hope next year will bring more wonders and joys for you. Don’t worry therapies will come and I am sure Jenny will explode with success. I know it will take a little bit to get into a good routine, but once you hav one, I see great changes and great things coming.
    Keep the faith and stay positive. That is half the battle
    In Love and Faith

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