July 7, 2005

Our days are mostly quiet now and we seem to be doing quite well. We swim, play games, and swim some more. We found that the kids love being pulled behind mom’s wheel chair in their wagon. The chair goes faster than normal walking speed, and they feel like they are on a roller coaster. Jenny remarked that it made her feel good because this is something other moms can not do and it is something the kids keep asking to do with her. The heat really seems to drain Jenny’s strength and she gets tired easier. Our neice, Jordan, is here and has been a great help. It is helpful to have another person around to assist with little things, which can turn into big things if left undone. We are as settled as we can be, but we are anxious to have our home built. I want Jenny to start pool therapy, but she is reluctant to use a pool away from our home. At this point we are doing our best to get back into an exercise routine.


  1. Sounds good! Moved in and getting into the swing of things. It’s good you have the summer off with the kids at home to get adjusted to a new location. As far as the heat goes – I think you left just in time – the heat and humidity here the end of June was terrible – so we were all drained everytime we went outside and back in. Better now – nice days in Indiana – warm but no humidity. We should be good for another couple of days – and then back to the good old Midwestern humidity. Glad to hear you are settled – and things are going well for all —
    take care – Love, Sherry

  2. Well, I am glad to hear that all is transitioning well. I know that you all will settle right in, no problem, when everything is finished. I am happy that the kids are enjoying it outside with Mom. Thant makes for GREAT memories. Keep up the good work…I know you will contiue to thrive do in Texas.
    In Love and Faith

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