June 29, 2005

We finally recieived our internet connection today. Jenny had a rough few days while it was just she and I and no internet/computer. I was busy setting things up and she only had her power chair to keep her entertained. By the time we got our furniture, a ton of family members came to town so it was nice to have so many people to keep her company. Fortunately, we got our internet on the day the last of our family left. Her e-mail had 110 new e-mails for her and I had about 12. The kids are back from San Diego and Missy and Dustin definately win Aunt and Uncle of the year. We have a lot of tedious move-in tasks to do, but we have had a lot of help from our family and new friends in Texas. Our new ward is great and has a lot more children the ages of ours. We received a warm greeting from everyone and we felt welcomed.

One comment

  1. I am glad tehat your move is going well. Unpacking seems to take longer than packing. i have been in my house for 2 months and I still have boxes….take your time.
    I am glad you are making new friens and your ward is sounding GREAT.
    Take care , and be safe. I am glad the kids had good times with Missy and Dustin.
    In Love and Faith

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