June 16, 2005

Things have been really busy with our scheduled move-out for tomorrow. We have had great help from both of our mothers and things look ready to go. Jenny has been sad because she feels like she is losing independence by not having her computer or power chair for a few days. I like that she feels that way because it means that SHE feels she has some independence to lose, which has been a struggle to get her to feel that way. I am also please to state that Jenny has suddenly begun some noticable voluntary movement in her left leg that has been around for just this past week. This is one of the only movements on her left side. I am always pleased with continual progress, no matter how small. Things will be crazy for a while, but I assume that the next time I write, we will be in Texas.


  1. Good Luck withthe move…I know it is rough. Jenny, you will be okay without the computer and your chair for a few days. It is better that they are shipped the right way so they do not get broken. I am glad the the moms have been helpful. Are the kiddo excited about starting with new friends and new school?
    I think they will love it.
    Stay weel and I hope that the movement on that left side keeps coming. I think that is GREAT.
    Stay well
    In Love and Faith

  2. Good luck with your move. The Hurley’s will miss you all very much. Claudia keeps saying “Who will I marry when Zach moves to Texas?”. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next! Good Luck, and we love you.


  3. Dear Friends–I hope your move goes as smoothly as mine did here to Utah! I am still amazed that I made it out here in just two days! I am really happy being full-time GramiTami! Hope you received the birth announcement I sent for the twins. They are both getting chubby and have cute little double chins…Regan is feeding one or both of them most of the time, so I do most of the housework! BEST WISHES in Texas–hope you’ll all really enjoy living there. And keep posting all your progress here on this site; I know we all love to read of your great improvements! LOVE ALWAYS, TAMI BERRY 🙂 🙂

  4. Mark, Jenny and family — Although I will miss you greatly, I am so happy for your new experiences that are sure to strengthen you all as a family. My prayer is that you all will continue to use this web sight to communicate with us here in Indiana. I’m so thankful that this web page has evolved into a part of all of our lives – thanks for sharing everything you have over the past months. Take care– Love, Sherry

  5. Mark and Jenny,
    I’m excited to hear about your move, and about all the milestones you’ve reached! I hope for the very best for you in Texas–I love you both and think of you frequently! God bless you and your family–although you are all so amazing and in so many people’s prayers, I’m sure He’s thinking of you all the time!
    Much love,
    Jen Crabb

  6. Dear,Zachary;
    How is it going is your mom any better? my mom said we problely could have you visit if it`s okay with your dad.I miss you very much I hope you will have fun in Austin,Texas with your cousins. make lots of new friends. please write back.

  7. Mark and Jenny, My thoughts and prayers are with you through your move to Texas. The last day for my students was the 17th – but up until the last day of school at least one student prayed for you both each day. I want you to know that that will continue next year with my new bunch of students.

    I wish you the very best – and that your transition goes smoothly.

    Susan Armbruster

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