Dec 10, 2004

We took our longest road trip since Jenny has been back home. She did quite well and seemed to enjoy the time away. She made the rare confession that she was worn out from the trip. I felt more tired than usual as well. Next time, we will see how we will do kids. Jenny was with family members, which always makes her more happy.

Jenny has reported occassional voluntary movements on her left side (which has been dorment for the past several months). She has prayed so hard to get movement on the left side of her body, so I also pray that this is what happens. It was great to see her face when she made a couple movements with her left hand. You would think that she finally got that pony that she kept asking her parents for when she was younger.


  1. Way to go Jenny!!! Your strength is having its reward. So glad that you got to visit your family. It is so wonderful during the Holidays to visit and have your loved ones close by. Have a great and joyous Christmas. May God’s Love shine ever so bright on you this Holiday Season. Love to your entire family. Love, Rita

  2. I am glad to hear that you are getting some movement on that left side. I think you are doing so well. I thank you again so much for sharing with us.
    I am glad to hear that the trip was good, but they do tucker you out. I know, long drives and car rides so that to me all the time.
    I am finally done with mt Anatomy and Phisiology coarse, you helped me out so much, you have no idea.
    Thanks again for everything
    In Love and Faith

  3. Hello Jenny and family. The kids loved to see the pictures. They ask to see how Aunt Jenny is doing. Shardae recignizes Zack. She thinks he is cool. I am glad to see that you are progressing. It’s like grass growing, but with patients yu will see. I know people that hae been told that they couldn’t walk and they fought it and won and walked. A friend is also going through an illness, she says it is a test and it is probably for her husband so she tells him to hurry up and learn so that they can get over the test. They joke alot. It’s great you get out it helps me to rejuvinate. We are happy for you all. Hope to see some new pictures. Love Mijken

  4. Jenny-
    I saw Mike in the show yesterday…HE WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so excited that you got to enjoy it. I think he is such a good singer and actor. I saw Missy too!!! She looks great and was excited about coming down to see you.
    I am gld you are getting out and about. I think it is so important.
    God Bless You!
    In love and Faith

  5. Jenny,
    You look absolutely beautiful in spite of all you are having to endure. I am trying to arrange a time when I can come to visit. I am so excited that Zach is in second grade. That is our specialty, Jenny. Remember our time at Sycamore together? Well, those kids are now juniors in high school!! You are such an incredible teacher and role model for all of us. I will pray for your continued recovery. You have made remarkable improvements and I know it will only get better.
    God bless you and keep you in His arms.
    Much love and prayers,

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