dec 14, 2004

Missy and Dustin are visiting, which is always a good thing for Jenny- and the family. Since they were here for so many months just after the stroke, it has been a great baseline to judge her progress over the past 3 months. I had forgot what Jenny had been doing when they were here last, so it was fun to see how excited Missy would get to see some large improvement. Jenny felt a little proud of herself as well.

We are still waiting for some medical equiptment (such as the power wheel chair), which will make huge changes in Jenny’s life. Hopefully, it will be a nice Christmas surprise to get these things by then. Jenny has become much stronger in her right arm and it continues to improve daily.


  1. Received your Christmas card & letter yesterday! Thanks so much–I am sorry to hear that you’ll truly be moving to Texas next year, (I had heard some “rumors!”) but thank goodness for this website so we can continue to hear of all your remarkable progress! Sure hope the wheelchair gets to you by Christmas–that would be the ultimate grand gift! It is such a blessing just to know your family, and see your awesome example of making lemonade after getting some lemons! Jenny’s stroke was certainly an unexpected and devastating “blessing,” and look at how we’ve all grown as a result! I feel sure that she will continue to improve and all will be well with your family forever as you continue to surge ahead with your selfless service and love to each other! I love you all!

    I am so glad to hear that things are going well! Right side improvment is GREAT!
    I think you are great, Jenny! You are so strong and doing so well. Thanks for all your words and thoughts.KEep up the good work
    In Love and Faith

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