Nov 27, 2004

We had an enjoyable week as many family came for Thanksgiving. It is always great for Jenny when family and friends visit. She tries harder during therapy and I think she likes to show off for those who have not seen her in a while (even though she would tell them that she has not gotten any better). It allows me to rest a bit to have people visiting that Jenny likes to be with. It is difficult to let Jenny sit alone, with loneliness and sadness on her face, while I try to do things around the house. Unfortunately, I am the one who likes to watch tv, not Jenny. I think that once her power chair gets here, things will improve greatly and she will not have to rely on me as much.

Jenny likes to get out more these days. Her improvements are not just physical, but emotional too. I remember when she did not want to go out into public because she did not want people to stare at her. During the holiday season, it is more difficult to negotiate the stores/restraunts/malls and find parking spaces that allow room for wheel chairs to exit.

Jenny is still making small steps in the right direction and what I notice lately is that her core strength is what is improving the most. She and her speech therapist are making gradual improvments as well.

One comment

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a great tiem of year to remember that we all have so much to be thankful for. Family and friends help us all remember that it is always better than you think. I am so glad that family was able to make it out fot the holidays. What a gift.
    Keep up the GREAT work!
    God Bless You All!
    In Love an Faith

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