Nov 17, 2004

There have been several big events these past few days. Jenny was evaluated for a power wheel chair (which is something she has been waiting for). She was perfect at it. All that Ms PacMan really paid off for Jenny. The chair has features that allow for new freedoms. Jenny is able to tilt herself back (to relieve pressure when needed), the chair is faster than Jessie’s bike, It can elevate up and down, and it will raise and lower her legs. Most of all, I will not leave her in a room to watch the kids play and then come in later to have her left watching a pile of toys that were left by the kids who went elsewhere.

We also went to the Louisville LDS temple last weekend with the ward. It was Jenny’s first time back since just a couple days prior to her stroke, 8 months ago. It was a bit scary for her since we did not know how she would do on a long trip, at a hotel, or at the temple. The hotel and ride were easy as pie. The temple experience was wonderful, due in part to all the supportive ward members who made it possible. Jenny told me she felt a sense of peace that she has not had in a long while and that it was a needed experience. These are just more things that we have experienced and conquered. Our next big challenge is flying, but I think we will do fine with a bit of planning.

Outpatient therapy is working well. Jenny responds best to speech therapy so far. Her therapist has been on vacation this week and Jenny has actually digressed. I was stumped as to why, since the therapy they were doing was essentially the same. It dawned upon me that the only difference was that the usualy therapist and Jenny spend half the time laughing, which activates the vocal chords and allows the therapy to work better.

Occupational therapy is Jenny’s worst therapy. A quarter of the time it is really helpful, but the rest is a waste of time or frustrating to her since they want her to do things that she does not agree with (I am on Jenny’s side most of the time). As for Physical therapy, Jenny takes on a good amount of pain and works hard at everything they tell her to do.


  1. Hi, Just wanted to say “You Go GIrl!” I know that you must be a lot happier Jenny, now that you are able to do more things every week. I am so happy for you. Now you will be able to spend even more time with your FAMILY. I am so glad that you got to attend the Temple. That in itself must have been wonderful. Have a great day and God Bless You. Love, Rita

  2. Oh, Jenny! I wish we could have been at the temple with you. What a sweet experience it must have been! The temple is a safe haven where all your cares can be lifted as we focus on what really matters. I need to attend the temple more often to feel of my Savior’s love for me.

    Your new wheelchair is sure going to turn lots of heads as you race down the sidewalk with Jessie by your side on her bike! Maybe you should start charging for rides. Zach and Jessie could start a business!

    We love you and are so excited to hear about your progress each week! Hope you have a happy birthday, Mark!

    Vanessa, Andrew, Grant, Faith & Clark Croshaw

  3. Jenny and Mark…
    I am so excited that you are getting such a great chair. I think it will make a world of difference for the things you can do.
    I am glad that you went with the ward. I think the more people you touch tha more you will heal, inside and you will heal others hearts ans minds.
    I am so happy that you are not afraid to go out and touch people…what a gift
    don’t give you on therapy, no matter how difficult, it will help in the long run. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In Love and Faith

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