Oct 26, 2004

Jenny finally gets to start outpatient therapy tomarrow! She is excited to see what they can offer. I am in the process of hooking her laptop up to a bigger screen so she can read without problems. I see her play games using a mouse and I do not see why she could not be doing more on a computer.

Sophia has been trying to be a helper in making her mother better. She often covers Jenny in band-aids, moves her arms and leg for “exercise”, and I see her try to feed Jenny every now and then, which I have to be cautious of. Jenny will usually push the buzzer to alarm me. Sophia was able to get a glass of water by me. She held up the capped feeding tube (without a way to funnel the water in) and dumped the glass over the top of the tube. Fortunately, it was bed time and Jenny needed to change into her pajamas. Sophie also accompanied Jenny to the ENT to have an injury on her ear drained. Sophia was shy until she felt she needed to tell the doctor how to do his job. She will be our child who most likely will be a doctor some day.

One comment

  1. Jenny, how exciting, outpatient therapy is such a ggreat tool. I think that it will continue the outstanding movements you have made so far.
    Mark, I read your message from the other day and i have to say, that you are so wonderful. I think you are a great man for everything you are doing for and with Jenny, she is so fortunate to have you. You are very needed, noot only for Jenny, but all of us who you keep update on all of the trial and tribulations of your lives.
    I am glad to hear the kiddos are so in to helping. I think it is great that they want to help and are not so afaid of this. I am sure it can be very overwelming sometimes. Band aids can be agreat healer sometimess, just because
    Keep up the good work
    In LOve and Faith

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