Oct 24, 2004

I realized that I have not written in a while. Much of the reason is that Jenny has reached another plateau where she has not developed any noticable new things. I have no doubt that this is temporary. Her therapies have been less aggressive lately due to her increased mobility and being away from the house where we can do therapy. Home-based therapies have stopped and we are still waiting to get a therapy time for outpatient therapy. Jenny clearly does fewer hours of therapy each day, so it is not a surprise that she does not see any new big things.

I did get a video game joy stick so she can practice for once she gets a power chair. She does great while playing Ms Pacman. The kids have become awfully interested in her therapies since the video game came into the house. Zach is very willing to help out with this new exercise. He does a lot of demonstrations for her.

Jenny has burst into tears a lot more frequently. It is usually unrelated to any event, other than if she is allowed to have too much time to think. We have had a lot of visitors lately, which cures the “too much time to think” problem. I think Jenny does well, but she is entitled to tears when she has them. I struggle more with her sadness than she does. It is difficult to see someone sad and not do much. Being a guy, I want to fix her sadness in order to feel like I am helpful. Jenny has to remind me that just being there is all she needs from me.

One comment

  1. Mark, Always remember that every women in teh world need a great man like you to stand by them thick and thin. Just remember that communication now more than ever is so important for you and Jenny.
    Jenny, Keep up the good work. I love Ms PacMan. One of my favorites I think. I hope you like your chair. It has been a great boost of confidence for my friend.
    The both of you are so special
    God BLess You
    In Love and Faith

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