Oct 18, 2004

I took Jenny for an outpatient therapy evaluation today. My most repeted statements today were, “this movement that she is doing is new”, “she could not do any of these things during inpatient therapy”, and “please be patient with Jenny because she is always emotional at first.” All the therapists seemed to have lots that they wanted to do with her, except the speech therapist. We have only had one speech therapist in the past who appeared remotely optomisitc- and it happened to be the one that Jenny made the most improvements with. Respiratory, ENT, and speech people have been our biggest “Negative Nellies”. Jenny is in a trial period where she is taking all food and liquids orally to see if she can get rid of the final tube inserted into her body. She is doing super, but I can see all the respiratory, ENT, and speech people squirming because “a person with a brainstem stroke is not able to swallow or protect the airway.” However, Jenny has the nerve to go against their restrictions and do it anyway. Jenny’s biggest barrier has not been her health, but her diagnosis. Yes, she is very limited, but not as limited as some professionals try to mold her to be.


  1. Hello,
    I have only written once before but I have been reading about and praying for Jenny daily (I am Joan’s sister’s friend). I was on a retreat his weekend and someone said something that I wanted to share with you. “God doesn’t create suffering he uses it to make something beautiful, and the best example of this is Christ’s passion and resurrection.” I thought of your family when I heard it. Although your family is undergoing suffering, God has created the beautiful loving relationship that you have for each other only stronger, and I read about your amazing love and devotion to one another and it has touched my heart.

    The Lord himself underwent amazing suffering out of his love for us, and God used his suffering in order to save us from our sins and be with us forever which is the most beautiful thing of all.

    It has been wonderful to see the Lord working through you, Jenny, and your family. My prayers are always with you.

    With Christ’s Love,
    Anna Mittiga

  2. Jenny…Don’t you ever let those doctors try to mold you. You keep proving them wrong. Ther is nothing you cannot do. I have faith in that.
    I work with a lot od ENT docs and therapists..I know they can be very frustrating. If you need to, find a new one after all of this. You deserve the very best of care, everyone does.
    Keep up the good woek, make thenm scratch thier heads.
    May God HOld you In the Palm of His Hands
    In Love and Faith

  3. We may not know here on earth the reasons you have have been allowed to have this experience, Jenny and Mark and family. However, good things will always come from tragedy if we work and look in that direction. I can see changes in others that are already extending out in many directions, benefits that others will reap and you will probably never know about. Perhaps one great result, Jenny and Mark, will be that you will set a new mark that can be documented about things that ‘can’t be done’ – that Jenny does. Good for you – for the courage you both display and the ability to refuse to listen to all the negative remarks. Your courage and persistance are a wonderful example to all of us!!! Keep up the hard work you are doing. Find joy knowing that you are helping many of us. WE LOVE YOU!!!
    Aunt Lois Ann and Uncle Dee

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