July 23, 2004

I just returned from a 2 night trip out of state. In the past 4 months, I have been by Jenny’s side for no fewer than 8 hours per day, so it seemed weird not to be with her- even though I typically am not a clingy person. Jenny had a couple big new movments to show off that she had perfected in just the 2 days I was gone. I hear others talk about her drastic improvements, but it is nice to finally see what it looks like. It gives so much more, but I am afraid Jenny will not have our luxury of stepping away for a couple days. One of the new movwements is a secret that she wants to show to a few family and friends and the other is the ability to pick up and move her right arm and move it in various directions in large movements. The right side is really getting active, and the left side is showing movement again. Respiratory is great and Jenny still has not needed suctioning for over 10 days! I sill hope for the trache to come out soon- very soon.


  1. Jenny,
    Having to lay face down for several hours a day to help heal my detached retina gives me a little more understanding of your situation and each new movement you make gives me joy. I really felt badly I was in the hospital instead of at Zach’s party and by you. However, I am building up bank of jokes just for you.


  2. Dear Jenny and Mark,

    We wanted you to know that we still keep daily watch on your web site and we are thrilled with all the improvements we read about! It’s amazing how far you have come in such a short time, although I’m sure it seems much longer to you.
    It’s fun to read about your kids – I normally just hear what Lisa passes on to me. They sound fantastic, which is no surprise with the parents they have. 🙂
    Keep up the good work and know that everyone is praying for your full recovery.

    Love, Carolyn & Gary

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