July 26, 2004

Jenny finally had her long awaited ENT appointment today. As it turns out, Jenny demonstrated the skills needed to begin the process of having the trache removed. the plan is that they will put in a smaller trache this week that she can breathe around easier and when she can tollerate the trache being plugged for 24 hours, she is then able to have it removed. It will be a great day in the Lynn household when this happens. We celebrated by eaing lunch at O’Charleys- which was her first time going out to eat. It was a pleasant experience and Jenny seemed quite okay with everything. Her days of not wanting to go out because people will stare at her seem to be coming to an end. She has began to accept more invites to go place with us. I fear that we may have a problem in the future of Jenny wanting to go out too much. She is already talking about going on a vacation to Disney. I guess she feels like she is getting better- finally!


  1. Hoorah! Hoorah!! WOW!!! TERRIFIC!!!! What great news – both the trach AND the going out! Way to go, Jenny! Enjoy!!! We are so happy for you! By the way, Jenny, I have therapy an hour at a time and I really, REALLY admire you having therapy for most of the day!! You are a wonderful example. We love you all. Uncle Dee and Aunt Lois Ann

  2. Jenny that is great! One more step to recovery! I am so glad that you are able to go out. That sure helps in keeping the spirit up. Last night Brian had to speak at girls camp for bishops night. He was talking about faith. I hope you dont mind but he used your story to explain to the girls about incredible faith. You guys amaze us all the time. Your faith and determination are such an example to all of us.
    You touch people beyond those you even know. Continue to do well. You are in our prayers.
    Love the Henries

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