May 31, 2004

Last night was a quite different experinece for two things. First of all, Jenny seemed to sleep a little at last. Second, we had a tornado and severe thunderstorm warning so I had to carry Jenny down to the basement. I think Jenny liked it since she had not seen the basement since coming home.

Jenny has been making small movements still. I know it is something significant because Jenny is now agreeing that she is making good progress. Her meds are still being worked out to regulate spasms and contractures that cause pain and twisting of her body. Her head is turning to the left side again, which makes head control more difficult. I am most encouraged by her respitory health. We have been plugging her trache to allow her to breathe completely through her mouth and nose. She does well considering that her airway is obstructed with a tube. It is pretty much like breathing through a straw. This just means she is getting closer to having the trache removed.

One comment

  1. Hi Jenny & Mark,

    Jenny I’m so proud of your progress. I know being home and around family who loves you has to be the best medicine ever. I’m hoping this is the sort of news we continue to hear from Mark. Did you both feel like newlyweds when you carried her down, Mark? I always think about you guys. LOL Grace

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