June 2, 2004

We were able to get a mini-van for Jenny today! IT has an in-floor ramp that slides out, and it is the same basic model of van we already have. We took Jenny for a ride arond the block (and through the McDonalds drive thru) to see if she could do well in motion. She did great. Tomorrow is her first appointment away from home, so I think all will go well.

Jenny is slowly having fewer spasms in her muscles that make her tense up in painful positions. It seems to be part of a vicious cycle of tensing muscles because she is in pain and being in pain because of the muslces that are tensed up. Jenny did ask for real food again. She lacks confidence in her eating, but it is so good. Jenny rarely tries to eat, but she does tons better each time she tries. Today was tapioca pudding and angel hair pasta in alfredo sauce. Since her perspective has changed a bit, she is kind of a “eat dessert first” kind of girl.


  1. Jenny,Mark and Family,
    We are so happy about Jenny’s homecoming. It has been truly inspiring to us. Thank you for all that you have generously shared. We have cheered for your triumphs and we’ve cried for your hardships. We think that you are ALL miraculous people and because of all that you’ve done and been through it makes us humble and reflect on our priorities. Keep up the good work Jenny….. Mark, Jessie,Zach and Sophia you’re all incredible. God bless.
    Brad and Nan Hayes

  2. A ride to Micky D’s? What a great first trip! It’s so symbolic. I hope the kids were with you. What a thrill to take a ride that wasn’t to a hospital. I think of you all constantly and look forward to getting back to Indy. I’m so grateful for the care you give Jenny, Mark. You’re Mom and Missy have also been so stalwart and unselfish, working by your side every day.
    That trip to the basement must have been fun for you Jenny. I hope you had a chance to view your scrapbooking room. That would be one more incentive to keep up the great work with all your therapies.My offer still holds – to help you catch up on your books when you are ready.
    Grandma is doing well and working on her therapy so she will have the strength to come see you. She is anxious to see you and talks about you a lot. I love you. I know your in good hands -your family, doctors, therapists, caregivers and especially your Heavenly Father. Whenever you feel discouraged please remember your favorite poem “Footprints”, you’re not alone, He is carrying you through this difficult time.
    Fondly, Mom

  3. Jenny…you got your wheels. I am do excited for you. I think you will love being able to get about. I am glad you are okay with the motion. My friend, Dnnis, had a lot of trouble at first, now we go out all the time. It really makes a difference. I am glad to hear that your spasms have lessoned. I bet that your stress level is down. Don’t give up on therapy! It is so important. I it will help your impovement every day!
    God Bless you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In Faith and Love

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