May 13, 2004

It looks like Jenny may be coming home as soon as next week! It is great, yet scary. We obviously do not have the home set up like we want to with renovations and redecorating. They can get the basics in for us to use for a while, but I’m not sure what things will be like at home. Jenny wants to be home, and I bet once she gets a real nights sleep, her strength will improve. I doubt she sleeps more than a couple hours of sleep each night. Jenny seems to be getting more control of her upper body enough to support her weight when slightly supported from behind. Her head still turns to the left, especially when she coughs, which triggers a whole chain reaction of painful spasms in her body. She lets us know that her trach bothers her when her head is turned to the right. A respiratory doc has been asked to look her over to see if the trach can come out, but he has not been up to see her.

Today, Jenny came up the full way on a tilt table that helps strech out her tendons to her foot that are shrinking due to lack of use. She grits through the pain so very well, but sometimes her face tightens up so bad that we fail to know what her blinks are saying. It also interferes with a speaking board that uses a muscle sensor that picks up deliberate blinks. She is getting better, but a laugh or cry will throw it all off.


  1. Dear Mark and Jenny,

    What great news, to be able to go home! I am so thrilled for you all. It must be an anxious time, trying to make sure everything is at least partially ready for the big day. I pray that things will fall into place you. Jenny, you are so strong, I know that you can endure the pain and hardships you have to deal with. The Lord is with you always. Remember, strength and honor are your clothing.

    Lynne Hurley

  2. Your names will be on the altar of the Temple tonight!!! And of course… you are always in our family’s prayers.

    Again… thank you Mark for the wonderful updates here.

    Jenny… keep up the great work! We are all behind you!!!


    Pattie Fowler

  3. Have read through the reports of the past several days and am impressed with the magnificent committthement and dedication you have demonstrated and was touched by the picture of your beautiful family. Jenny is amazing. The first report Will shared with us was so sad and bleak but it sounds now like marvelous progress (comparitively) is being made by that noble striving spirit. We continue to pray for the best. RER

  4. Wow! Would you have guessed two months ago that Jenny might be home so soon? What a wonderful opportunity. I’m sure there will be difficulties, but I can imagine what Jenny is thinking and feeling with such a possibility.
    The children will be more available to her and she to them and you will save so much time, Mark. Think of all the proress Jenny can make at home with all the family together again. We hope it all works out well, and know that Heavenly Father will continue to bless all of you that all things will work in your best interest. We love you. You are all in our daily prayers. Uncle Dee and Aunt LA

  5. Hi Jenny and Family
    I want to wish youthe best and you well get better And I know you are in gods hands Your a very attrative lady with a wonderful husband and family Mybest to you Phil

  6. Hi Jenny and Family
    I want to wish youthe best and you well get better And I know you are in gods hands Your a very attrative lady with a wonderful husband and family Mybest to you Phil

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