April 23, 2004

Jenny has had difficult evenings for the past 2-3 nights to where her pulse and oxygen saturation levels are of concern, but she is relatively stable. They have her on monitors, but they feel that most of it is due to anxiety related to breathing problems. A humidifier, of sorts, has seemed to help this problem. Jenny has eaten a few soft/puree foods that include mash potatoes, yogurt, and pudding. Once the food gets moved to the back of her mouth, she swallows with no problem. I was told to let her practice chewing by biting on a piece of Twisler candy. She accidentally bit a small piece off and when I told her to open so I could get it, she closed tight, smiled big and swallowed it. She did not choke, so I felt better.

She still is frustrated and has difficulties trying to communicate. Her communication device is too sensative for her because the sensor has to be just so. Her head also moves to the left and she struggles to watch a screen since she only has verticle eye movement. When her body is not stiffening, she has been able to move most parts of her body to small degrees. I find that she is still quite exhausted from sitting in a wheel chair and these types of exercises, but I assume that is normal.


  1. Mark and Jenny,
    IT sounds like everything is contiuing to progress. As frustrating as it is, I truely beleive that you all are making very positive strides. I have a quadrapoligic friend who was recently reminding me of the exhausting days of sitting in a chair and finding the perfect equation for “down time”. He has been in his chair for going on 10 years now and every year the improvments are noticible. Please tell Jenny not to be dicouraged, she is a true fighter and you all will figure this out. I think of you all often and if there is anything you all need, I will be more than happy to do what I can. Thanks again for letting us in on this journey.
    In Love and Faith

  2. Mark and Jenny,

    I am so thrilled to hear about all the progress you are making Jenny. I know each day it seems so small of an improvement, but to see answer to prayer on the things you are able to do is awsome. I love that you got that little piece of Twisler. I bet it tasted so good. Jenny you know how to show everyone how fast you are going to progess. I will pray for stamina to get though those long days and nights. It must be exhausting leaning all these new things. Thank you to the both of you for allowing us to keep up with all that is going on. Mark I know writing is just one more thing for you to think about. You have so much on your plate right now, you are truely a man of God. Let me know when you feel up to visiters, I would love to come and see you. Mark please let me know if I can help you with anything. I truely mean that. Keep up the good work Jenny! What color are you new high tops Jenny?


  3. Becky and I are sitting here wondering how you are doing Connie. Becky is doing her visiting teaching alone so we are adding you to this visit. We miss you and send our love and prayers. Becky taught a beautiful lesson today in RS on Self Reliance.
    Hope Jenny gets better. Love Liane and Becky

  4. Dear Jenny,
    I heard about your stroke just a few days after it happened through my friend Joan who went to Hawaii with Steven’s family. I am so sorry to hear all that you are going through and your family. You have been in my prayers constantly. I have started a prayer group at school that meets on Wed. mornings and we have prayed for you there also. (Don’t tell Rob Sherman I am doing this.) It sounds like you are making wonderful strides and although I cannot begin to imagine the stamina it takes to get thorugh each movement I applaud you and your family for their strengh and faith. I will continue to check the website and to keep you and your family in my prayers. (Miss Quinn) Cyndi Jordan

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