It’s raining in Cleveland, but the sun in shining on Jenny

Jenny’s temp and blood pressure are fine now- just a few hours too late. However, she is making voluntary arm movements when you ask her. She can move her arms one at a time just enough to definately see that she has movement. The nurse was so proud and told us about it once we got back from lunch and Jenny is proud too every time she shows someone. The nurse claims she was able to move the fingers in the right hand. Most of the arm movement comes from the shoulders, but you can see her arm muscles flex when she tries. I guess my day is pretty good after all.


  1. Hi, Mark and Jenny – -this is the greatest thing ever to be able to get onto this site and hear from you how things are going – – please know that it means so much to be able to read your thoughts – keep them coming – – –

    I am so full of joy that Jenny is moving voluntarily!! Made my entire week!!!

    Love to all – – Sherry

  2. Hi Jenny and Mark,
    You may not remember me but I have known Jenny since the day she was born. Jenny’s parents have been very special to me and my family since I was a girl. The news you posted today is wonderful and brought smiles to my face!

    We pray for you and your family daily. May Heavenly Father continue to bless you and your family with many wonderful miracles.
    The Hartman’s

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