April 1 2004

First of all, I have to thank Jenny’s brother Don for this great web site. As a matter of fact, I appreciate all the things that family and friends have done, and are doing, in our behalf. Jenny’s health has been up and down when it comes to bacteria and fever. As for now, it looks like she will go home to Indy Friday 4/2/04. She will actually be going to St Elizabeth Ann Seton for long term acute care. Jenny’s spirit has been much better lately. She hit the realization point about her condition a few days ago. The last couple days have had some points of joking around (on our part) and silent laughter (on Jenny’s part). She has pushed her toungue out and smiled on a few occassions that were voluntary movements. It sounds like a small thing, but huge in the evolution of her rehab.

Her respiratory sounds are good and her health is great- except for the obvious. She seems to swallow and she does not need a reperator. Jenny has been listening to some music selections provided by her Reiser cousins that seems to comfort her. We watched a favorite tv show together and she is still giving me orders. She finally demanded that we change our way of spelling with “blinks”. She did her own way until we finally told her that we give up and she is in charge. She requests to hear primary music, but goes to tears right away. She really misses her chorister calling in church and the kids she works with. I think she still has not got too tired of me hanging around her bed all day, but she really misses the kids who went back to Indy a week ago. Hopefully, the next entry will tell you that we are back in Indy. By the way, Jenny does not appear to like April Fools jokes this year- but it was okay when I played them on her mom.


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