Happy Mother’s Day! 

Happy Mother’s Day!  I am so grateful for my kids & my grandson, James!  I was really worried about how I’d do as a grandma, so when he’s being held by someone else & he reaches out for me, it makes my day!

I also wanted to give a shout to Red Arena, who is having its biggest fundraiser, Round-Up, this weekend (follow that link at redarena.orgfor a  daily schedule, or for info on how to bid on their online silent auction).  You may recall how I brought it up a few years ago because I REALLY wanted to help them afford a covered arena, so I could ride rain or shine!  & I think I posted a picture of that beautiful new barn with a covered arena.

Well, I think going rain or shine has paid off: I recently took a flight to Utah.  On occasion, I can stay sitting up tall as we decline, but it is REALLY hard when I do.  However, this time -both flights – it was “easy”!  I did not fall forward or need Mark to block me!  & while I had to work, it wasn’t nearly as difficult! 

On the home page of www.redarena.org is a video “Why We Do It.”  When I started, I couldn’t speak & I was like a floppy rag doll.  The first year, I was so exhausted after each lesson that I couldn’t do anything – seriously…even lifting my iPad to listen to an audiobook was hard!  But I knew it was working, so I kept going!  I have since started “talking,” become more independent, & it has helped me in so many ways – even emotionally!  I am so grateful for the day I was led there!  It has helped me be a better mom & grandma, & has become a highlight of my week! (Seeing James & attending church rate up there too!  Haha) I look forward to the occasional horse rides I will have this summer!

(picture is from the Primary Easter Egg hunt!)

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  1. I knew you’d be a wonderful grandmother. Children love to be cuddled and listened to; you can do both those things. Hugs!

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