All my kids are married now:

  1. my son, Zach, got married 2 years ago
  2. my youngest child, Sophia, got married in October, &
  3. my middle daughter, Jessie, was married on Friday, June 3.

Here’s a picture with all my kids, their spouses, & my grand-baby, James.

Obviously, I can’t be there for them (the way I’d like to be), so one thing I’ve always hoped is that they marry into families where they feel comfortable receiving help, & feel as fortunate as I do to have married into such a family!

I’ve been so focused on my kids that I didn’t realize until now how comfortable I am with each of my kid’s MILs!  It’s crazy!  I feel so blessed to be so comfortable & to be friends with each of these women – women who are sharing their children & (future) grandchildren with me!


  1. In the midst of your enormous challenges after your stroke, you raised those great kids. You should be proud of that accomplishment. Hugs!

  2. Hi Jenny! It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at your website – I’m busier than I would like to be but very happy living here. It’s so great to read about all that you’ve been doing – you continue to blow me away!
    Congrats on all the kids weddings! And that cute grandbaby! aren’t they fun? I still don’t have any but my sisters and brothers share theirs with me. Kudos to all your accomplishments and I love you. Cara

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