I’m so lucky!

I recall how soon after my stroke, there was a day that I was  miserable, & in his attempt to point out how lucky I was to be alive, my husband mentioned how I’ll get to see my kids grow up.  I have thought about that comment several times, but I don’t think I fully appreciated that comment until now: I have always assumed I’d feel that way on their wedding day, so I was surprised how special this was…My daughter, Jessica, has always wanted to be a  vet.  Today she started her internship as a Vet Tech, I had a  flashback to the day she started preschool…she was so excited!  This was  back when I couldn’t move, & she sat by me, & just talked & talked, as she turned in her swivel seat!



  1. I’m reminded of Christopher Reeves after his heartbreaking fall off a horse that made him a quadriplegic. He told his wife to just let him go, and when she refused she said “You’re still you.” Everyone you know is continually being blessed by your life and perseverance, and you deserve the blessing of joy seeing your children achieve their dreams. Hugs!

  2. How exciting about Jess! I can’t believe they are all as old as they are – time flies whether we’re having fun or not, right?? Hooray for her getting to do what she has always wanted to and hooray for you being here to see it! love you, Cara

  3. Thank you for that post. It helps me to remember how great it is to watch our kids grow and become great people. I am so glad you are here to see you wonderful family grow! That is so fun for Jessi! My son Matthew works there and he told me about Jessi!

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