1. I saw an SUV park in a handicapped spot, with a placard hanging from the rear view mirror, and out jumped a woman in her early 40’s, in four inch high heeled boots, and she quickly ran into the store. Obviously not her handicapped placard, probably her mother’s or something. It is real tempting to walk up to her and say “So, obviously, yours must be an INTELLECTUAL handicap or a handicapped lack of compassion for those who are truly physically challenged. Grrrrrrr…….

    1. Yes. One of my many pet peeves, though there are those who were given the placard can make me more upset, since u’d hope they knew better. Many people aren’t aware of why it is such a big deal, until they are handicapped themselves, or needing to find a place for their handicapped friend”..which is why this program excited me, cuz it EDUCATES as well as enforses using those spaces correctly.

  2. You do have to be careful in judging people. Just to look at me you might think I’m not disabled especially if I’m not using my cane or wheelchair. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Scelrosis,degenerative spine disease, chronic fatigue, arthritis and a few other things.
    If I see there is only one handicap parking spot and I notice an elderly person or someone with wheelchair I will park somewhere else, hopefully close to the store as I can’t walk that far before I get dizzy.

    1. Ues, I realize this. I have family with things u can not see’ like fibromaylgia, so I always give the benefit of the doubt! U sound like someone who understands & respects accessible parking. Thank u!

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