Does PBA medicine help?

Oh my, YES! It is a miracle drug, & has changed my life! My family sees a HUGE difference as well, & it’s the 1 medication my family feels is essential for me to take! I don’t know how my family or I survived w/o it before!

I think it has depression & anxiety meds in it, becuz when I feel it wear off in the evening or if I take the 2nd dose too late in the evening, I get weepy…&. also since it wears off over night, I’m very weepy & anxious in the mornings, until I take it. I have learned to not trust my emotions if we run out & I miss a few doses, becuz I get angry or sad very easy. The world seems “grayer” too, & I can feel numb to happiness.

Before the PBA medication, I had a hard time going places because of the emotions it’d trigger, & it was frustrating that I couldn’t control it. So, I completely stopped attending baptisms & funerals, & in order to attend the LDS temple, where I’d feel so close to God, I needed a priesthood blessing for strength to control my emotions! (In the LDS church, the priesthood is the power and authority of God here on the earth, which is given to worthy males, who can, in time, perform blessings for others.)

I had to “de-sensitize” myself so I didn’t feel the spirit in public, or I’d start to not just cry, but wail, as my PBA made me very extreme on emotions like happiness & sadness, though my anger is extreme too. I’d get super upset at members of my family for stupid things, or I’d wail if I felt proud of my kids, which must’ve been so embarrassing for my family! It was just horrible, & any anxiety (like worrying about how I’d react) just made it worse.

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