Are there side effects of the PBA medicine you don’t like?

My legs shake every now & then, for about 3 seconds, every 10 seconds for 1 hour–though I’ve had it last longer, & gotten shin splints from running a marathon horizontally! 🙂 Usually the shaking leg is just an annoyance, but it hurts bad with shin splints or if it gives me a Charlie Horse.”

It usually occurs in bed, but it has occurred at church, at the movies, at my computer…often it is anywhere I should be still for a long period of time. And it almost always alternates legs, so I may only get shin splints on 1 leg at a time! I assume it is like restless leg syndrome, & usually is just extremely annoying, but even if it hurts, it worth taking the meds! Yes, PBA is THAT BAD! Lol

My anxiety seems to make it get worse if I focus on trying to make them stop. The doctors also tried to make me stop, by giving me muscle relaxers at night, but that affected me the next day (I was too tired & didn’t have the strength to lift my arm, feed myself, sign, or speak vocally). It was HORRIBLE! So, we just deal with it!

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