What kinds of things do you and Mark do together?

We eat out, see movies, shop, “walk” the mall, attend the theater (usually to see musicals, though we have seen other stuff, like a comedian) attend church activities, listen to audio books, attend educational seminars (which I enjoy, since I finally get some educational enlightenment), attend state fairs, rodeos, museums, concerts, play card games, watch YouTube, browse the internet, read the scriptures. We do many of these things as a family (some family activities are silly, like an annual pancake cook-off or “themed” dinners, & some more serious, like “FHE”–time once a week to gather as a family for “Family Home Evening” & we can share our spiritual side).

We also do stuff alone. Like I journal, organize things, scrapbook, and do things on my computer or iPad, indoors, while mk does woodworking, & enjoys many outdoor activities, like he puts on amazing firework shows, hikes, camps, plays tennis, & plays paintball–though our kids are usually involved in these activities!

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