Are you back to your horse therapy?

I start horse therapy in September, & I’m actually a bit scared, which is weird cuz I wasn’t even phased when I started it. My best guess is cuz the saddle was MUCH harder than the pad I started with, & I know I’ve lost strength, so I’m a little freaked, yet also excited to get my strength back! I just hope I use the pad at 1st, instead of the saddle! lol But what helps most is my confidence in my therapist—I know she’ll take good care of me!

My dad & mom ordered me the iGallop, which simulates horseback riding, but it hasn’t come yet,& I wish I’d had it before horse therapy ended, so I could retain my strength better. Luckily though, Angie’s son give me pretty good therapy practice which has helped me retain some strength, but not as much endurance.

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