I am a “fixer upper”

Next Tuesday is my last time doing equine (“horse”) therapy for this season…I’m so bummed! I recently missed 2 weeks due to the weather, & by the end of this week’s session, I was too tired to even move my right arm, & I had to tilt my chair, cuz sitting straight was too much work for my abs! however, the 2 weeks previous (that I’d missed) had been full of therapy: something i love about mk is that if i develop a new skill, he capitalizes on it. no matter how minor a movement is, it does not go to waste with him! every little new movement he has me strengthen it, & he finds a way to use it to build my independence, so he has helped me frequently practice push-ups!

I can’t underestimate how valuable the support is from family & friends. For example, my speech wouldn’t improve nearly as quickly, if others didn’t allow me to speak, & try so hard to understand my words (which is no small task for them, but I’m encouraged to speak more, every time I’m understood)!

In my church, we have the largest women’s organization (called “relief society”). each woman, along with a companion, is assigned at least 2 other women to visit at least once a month, & help her, however she may require assistance (they are called “visiting teachers”). often, if it’s needed (like say u are sick or moving) they bring meals, or assist with childcare or clean a home. (in fact, currently I help organize this in my calling/volunteer “job” –we don’t hire people, & instead, every member pitches in to make the church function as a whole.). my visiting teachers went a step farther & in the past, they have come weekly to help me do therapy. other church friends visit & give me more opportunities to talk, while others have helped me when a helper was ill & mk was working, or when mk was away for a weekend– sleeping here, feeding & pottying me, doing therapy & helping me. (if u want to learn more about my faith, visit http://www.mormon.org. )

I truly feel blessed for the people in my life! As they say in the movie Frozen, I am a “fixer upper” & “you can fix this fixer upper with a little bit of love”.


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