2 new things…

It was real windy during horse therapy Tuesday, which actually made it tough to keep my balance–strange cuz when I sit on my mat with Angie there, her son actually tries to knock me over, & I am proud to say that I easily resist him, so it’s odd that between the wind & a left arm that kept having tremors or something, I was throwing me off balance.

As u know, I?ve been trying to work on being able to straighten my left arm, since it really helps me balance in horse therapy. I have Angie sit me on a mat so I can do weight-bearing on my arm, & I?ve been working on figuring out which muscles straighten my left arm. Between horse therapy & the mat exercises, I?ve realized that I can move my left shoulder & left elbow?but I need my hand moved to where I can activate those muscles, & I?m not sure yet where that is.

If u’ve seen my YouTube video “Jenny’s Story”?you may recall seeing me sitting on my mat, or on my belly, with my arms bent, doing weight-bearing exercises on my shoulders. If I?ve fallen, I?ve always needed help getting back up.

However, today (Wednesday) I was doing weight-bearing on my straight arms & knees, & I collapsed. Without thinking, I did a ?girl push-up? & got back up! Since my left hand was in ?the right place? (where ever that is!) & couldn?t move, I ended up doing about 3 or 4 ?girl push-ups? by controlling the relax & straighten motion in my arm! My left bicep is shaking from the workout, but I am thrilled!

Also, I voted all by myself Tuesday: mk has always signed my name & I tell him how to vote for me (since I couldn’t see, due to my double vision, in order to do it), but I did it all myself this time. Luckily, I only had to choose 1 candidate on the ballot, & that 1 person was the only person I knew (I am not very knowledgable about political stuff), but it’s just one more thing that I was never supposed to do again, yet I did! Yay!

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