“What top 5 things would you tell a stroke survivor (or the person close to you who had a stroke) to do or try when got home?”

1. be grateful (dwell on what u CAN do, not what u CAN NOT do), be positive, & laugh when it’s hard. i keep a list of “blessings from my stroke.” if i hate something, i figure out how it’s a blessing in disguise. (ie. i’m unable 2 speak, so i use ASL. but it sure came in handy when i had to discipline my daughters on stage, during a church performance, so i put it on my list of blessings!)
2. get rest, sty hydrated, & eat well. u are weaker & can’t accomplish much if these aren’t taken care of, or if u are sick.
3. never say “i can’t.” just try 15 minutes later, or do it the next day—u may not feel well, need rest/food, or just need more time, in general.
4. when u try again, be creative! (ie. if u can’t lean over far enough to reach something, find something 2 hold, that will extend your arm & “grab”/stick 2 it 4 u.
5. find a stroke group (i do email support groups).

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