“Do you think teaching morse code to individuals and their families at an early stage of locked-in syndrome as a tool for communication would be successful?”

Seems a good idea (it seems that it would be a lot quicker and more effective than reciting the alphabet), but no. My brother tried on my 1st few weeks, but there were 3 big problems:
1. I had double vision. Even enlarging each letter to a page wasn’t good enough, & even if it was, my brain was too tired to learn anything!
2. I couldn’t control my blinking well enough. In fact, I was 1st told to blink once for yes, twice for no. But it got confusing if I had to naturally blink, due to dry eyes. So if I had to talk, I closed my eyes, & opened them when it was time to say yes…closing them said no.
3. I couldn’t do those quick blinks either–they were all long & slow.
4. I can’t close just 1 eye, even now!

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