1. So clever! I love your Christmas video. It made me smile and laugh out loud. The driving scenes are classic and we can all relate to them (either from ourselves or our children). Merry Christmas from the Alcorn family!

  2. Love your Christmas video! Too much fun, I laughed so much. 🙂 I do beg to differ about Zach’s first kiss though…. 😀 Hope you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year!

  3. Great Chriatmas video…love it, how creative and great narrator. The kids are getting all grown up…such a great family. So glad to have known you.

  4. Best Christmas message ever! Loved it!Glad you’re all doing so well and never letting anything stand in your way. Happy New Year!

    The McBride Clan

  5. That video is hilarious! We only have some of the same friends, so perhaps we will steal that idea next year. Upside the kids are homeschooled and have plenty of time to make a video of animated Legos, but downside is we don’t really have anything to make a video about compared to yours 😦 Glad you are sharing and making awesome progress

  6. Hi Jenny,

    Loved the Christmas video. You all are very creative! Hope talking with people goes well today. Wish I were there and I would let you try with me. I really miss Austin and the people there! It is only about 5 degrees here in Utah right now!

    Carrie Bourne

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