Jenny ROCKS!

I am so proud of Jenny, and her progress. We are slowly returning to the level of physical therapy that we once did, prior to our moving. I think the results are begining to show. I have to also admit that we are still being blessed with miracles. We have worked her whole body for some time, but it is mostly us doing the movements. I bought a reclining exercise bike so she would get more fluid range of motion on her legs. I always dreamed of the possibility of her doing the bike by herself. It is a huge feat- keeping in mind that she could not move her left side until just the past month or so. Her left leg has become stronger than the right in some movements. Yesterday was incredible. I asked her to try the bike (like I always do), but I only expected the typical extension of her right leg and her getting stuck in the down stroke. For some reason, she gave several revolutions. It surprise me. She was shocked and almost fell of the bike from her initial response. We tried it a few more times with the same great response. If I made some modifications to her bike, so she could stay in the same position, I think she could go a little longer. Anyhow, things are good for us now and it is great to see big progress. I will still take the little steps, but the big ones do not hurt either.


  1. Hi Jenny
    It has been a while since I’ve checked up on you.
    It is so good to hear your doing better and better.
    Keep up the good work – you are an inspiration for me and my family.

    Conny Hillgaard

  2. Jenny, this new movement is GRRRREAT! But when Mark mentions “modifications”, I do get a good laugh wondering what he will come up with. I am excited for your new progress, it is very exciting.

    Love, Margot

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