Oct 23, 2005

I am really pleased with Jenny’s progress. I see her working on new movements all the time, and when she is not exercising, she is either working on scrapbooks, her calling, researching stuff for my and the kids, or communicating with people by e-mail. She is a pretty busy gal. Her left leg has really become quite strong. I actually notice that the right leg has less movement, but I have done this too long to be worried. Jenny gets excited when she has a calling. I feel sorry for Tara. I know Jenny sends her a thousand e-mails each day to discuss ideas about their activity days. The girls in their class have worked so hard to learn ASL. I saw one of the girls, while visiting Zach at school, and she signed to me from a distance. I’m impressed.

I am excited to get into our new home so Jenny has more independence. She wrote about liking her new keyboard set-up that I made for her. She feels like this opens up a new world for her, but I can only guess what a totally accessible house would do. Some things are designed that can only be usefull as she progresses, but there are plenty of things set up for her use right now.

As for Jenny speaking- I totally heard her so loud and clear! She said three words before she realized what she was saying and quit- out of shock, most likely. The good news is that she demonstrates that her brain is capable of telling her voice to work. The bad news is that the process of doing so is random and uncontrollable at this time. Perhaps the key to making the voice work is getting her to feel sorry for me (such as when she did not want to make me carry her late at night). Deductive reasoning would lead me to believe that she rarely feels sorry for me since she rarely speaks words.

One comment

  1. Well, Mark, maybe you should play the pathetic card more often! Women find it either endearing or annoying, so don’t overdo. It’s great Jenny is finding more and more things her brain wants her to do. She is truly amazing.


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