Sept 25, 2005

Not much seems to be going on, but I wanted to update the fact that Jenny still has the movements on her left side with some slight improvements. She may have posted the fact that she finally has a new calling at church to be an activity days leader with the primary age girls. I was excited to see that she was put someplace where her talents could be utilized. On the other hand it was kind of surprising. I was called as a clerk, which I have really liked, but I find that my time is spent on a computer (the thing that could be said is Jenny’s only truely independent activity in her life right now). Jennys church calling is working in an interactive situation with youth (which is my background and training as a child therapist). However, I know we are in the right place for each of us right now.


  1. We just wanted to let all of you know, we just put Aaron on a plane for the MTC this morning. Very emotional! It will be Zach’s turn before you know it.:)


  2. Oh, Jenny. I was just put into the Primary Presidency and how I wish we could have you as OUR Activity Day leader. Your girls are certainly lucky to have you and will learn so much from you!

    Glad to hear everything is going well and we still think of you often!

    Vanessa, Andrew, Grant, Faith, Clark and John (8 weeks) Croshaw

  3. Jenny and Mark..
    I am happy to hear that you are adjusting to your new church well. They are truely lucky to have such a strong addition to their ward. I hape that things continue to grow and mature inside both of you and outwardly as well. I hope your callings bring you additional joy and happiness together.
    Keep up the wonderful work
    In Love and Faith

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