Sept 6, 2005

I was prepared to appoligize for not writing here, but appearantly Jenny has been active in writing. As for her last entry, I want to clearify that “hitting” her muscle involved tapping the muscle to produce a response. Her daily wife beating occurs after the tapping. I am excited about her new movements on her left side. I feel that the best thing that I did was to keep exercising the left arm as much as the right- and always trying new things. Jenny works so hard in her therapies, so I am glad she has seen new movements.

Jenny gave me a compliment (I think) the other day that I did not know how to take. After a series of completed daily tasks, Jenny told me that of all the men she knows, I would make the best woman. I guess it does not help that I am a whiz at braiding hair, or that I know too much about scrapbooking, or that I plan activities and outfits around menstral periods (not mine- just in case anyone wondered). Yes, I know and do many more things that I wish not to incriminate myself with anymore. Perhaps this is a compliment, but I am feeling a bit demasculated since then. I’m thinking about just making Jenny wear ball caps rather than doing her hair in order to balance things out- but her hair just looks too cute when it is done up right. Oops, there I go again.


  1. No matter how wonderful I think my husband is…You Mark, are the greatest angel ever sent to us. What a gift you all have in dad. I can only hope that you continue to grow together and love forever.
    In love and Faith

  2. mark,

    this is a complement i could have paid you a long time ago. i’ve always thought the whole “bug-collecting, wood-carving, 20 lb. hamburger grilling” side of you was pretty obvious over-compensation.

    just saying.

  3. Geez Mark, Texas is supposed to be the home of the overly-masculine. What happened? Don’t tell us that your wife-beating isn’t exactly what we thought it was…

    So tell us, do you prefer pumps or flats?

    Here’s to being just ‘one of the girls’!

  4. Being a huge Donny-freak was a dead give-away as well. But seriously, a man in touch with his “feminine side” is the best nurturer possible, and that is your major role right now.. Consider it a blessing!

    Love, Maria

  5. hello mark!! its rita from head start (not anymore though I work at St. Vincent’s Carmel as a registrar) I read the website all the time, but this is the first time I have felt compelled to reply! Oh my gosh….you have had a feminine side long before you new you had one!ha! Remember how you use to sit in the teachers lounge with all the women and swap stories? Remember how you and I use to talk about reality tv, religion, ect? You my friend are the greatest and I know that Jenny knows how lucky she is to have such a great MAN with a “feminine” side! I miss you!

  6. I noticed Mark went out and got his hair cut really short yesterday. Is there a message here?

    Seriously, I give Mark an A+ as a husband and dad.


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