Aug 8, 2005

Today is Jenny’s 32nd birthday. Birthdays have always been the most important of holidays for her, but she has really been playing this one down. As for Jenny’s progress, she has been having troubles with her eyes focusing due to her left eye moving alot. That makes using her lap top, with the speaking program, more difficult. On the other hand, her voice has become stronger. She can produce more voluntary sounds lately and does a pretty good “Mark” that sounds like, “Marrr”. This is how she gets my attention lately. I see much more interacion between Zach and his mom lately. Zach has always seen a little timid around her, but has started to talk to her more and want to cuddle more. He has even been helpful by giving Jenny snacks or water when I need his help. He is silly and they have a good time when he does this.

It was about this time last year that I flew to Austin to check properties for us to build upon. I remember that Jenny had very little movement and could not even sit in her chair very long. One of the things that Jenny’s mom encouraged was a property with a nice view for Jenny to enjoy (perhaps one of the few things she could enjoy). Later, planning house plans were somewhat difficult because I had no idea how Jenny would progress. As it turns out, the plans we made have worked out nicely and she has grown into a few things we had designed for the home and we have a few more that she can yet grow into. Obviously, Jenny does much more with her power chair and computer, so the nice view is a great bonus.

We got rid of our dog last week. I almost turned around when we got there, even though I am not much of a pet person. Ginger had been Jenny’s puppy prior to us having any kids. For over 9 years she had been a part of the family. For some time, we have been discussing what to do about her. Now that I am doing more on my own to care for Jenny and the kids, it has been impossible to manage a pet as well. We had been having problems with her and Jenny even felt it was time for her to go. The kids were sad for a few minutes, but seem to be doing well right now.

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